Silkstone Common Junior And Infant School

Class 5



Mrs J Hague

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lucas


Our class is Year 6.


We have lots of responsibilities around the school such as

  • Playground leaders
  • Tiger monitors
  • Reading and writing buddies with KS1 children
  • School council leaders and house captains
  • Cloakroom, bell and enterprise captains.


Our main objectives this year are:

  1. Help make the school a happy place for all
  2. Be positive role models
  3. Works hard to meet our potential
  4. Get ready for going up to High School in September.

Our teacher is Mrs Hague and to help us throughout each week we are lucky to have Mrs Lucas and MissTaylor.

This year we are lucky to be studying some of the following in topic work.

  • The impact of the Romans on Britian, Viking invasions
  • Rivers
  • Habitats and lifestyles
  • Euro - Fun
  • Warhorse, Macbeth and the poetry of Ted Hughes
  • Skills based around the Fundamentals PE Programme, athletics and gymnastics.

We like to go outside to develop our world view/skills and this year we can go on a residential to Robinwood in Todmorden in March 2020.  Y6 go to Crucial Crew to develop their skills of decision making the right decisions in the wider world.  We enjoy lots of sports and music and there is a regular art club on a Wednesday after school.  In sport we have the changes to attend a wide variety of sports clubs and will have the opportunity to represent the school at some time during the year. 

Many of us have important roles as well in the school orchestra.  We have opportunities to sing, play the guitar and have extra curricular tuition in guitars, wind instruments and string instruments.

Because we are a credit to the school and work so hard we will be going bowing in July and having a celebration leavers assembly just before we go.