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 Class 3

Teacher                     Mrs Smith 


Teaching Assistant  Mrs Banford

Welcome to Class Three. 

Mrs Smith is the class teacher and Mrs Banford is the teaching assistant.  Class three is a mixed year 3 and 4 class.

In Class 3 you will cover exciting topics such as Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks,Tropical Rainforests, Natural Disasters and healthy eating through using our garden area outside and making sandwiches.  We enjoy weekly science lessons where you set up and carry out many practical experiments.  Through this hands-on approach you gain a deeper insight into the world around us and develop your enquiring mind.  We follow a rich and broad curriculum where you will work hard and enjoy being challenged to be the best you can be.  Through your work you will continue to grow in confidence and become more independent in your decision making.  Your are helped to fulfil your potential in all areas and your successes and efforts will be rewarded through the gaining of team points for your team and recognition in our monthly special assemblies.

Good morning everyone, can you all please email me this morning to let me know you have seen the learning for today!

Wednesday 20 January

 Le bonhomme de neige CD.pdfDownload
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 Wednesday 20th January Numeracy All Worksheets Class 3.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 19 January

 Tuesday 19th Numeracy Work sheets ALL Class 3.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th Numeracy Worksheets All Class 3.pdfDownload
 Tuesday 19th Topic All Groups Class 3.docxDownload
 Tuesday 19th Topic All groups Class 3.pdfDownload
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Monday 18 January

 Monday 18th Numeracy Green Group Class 3.docDownload
 Monday 18th Numeracy Orange Group Class 3.pdfDownload
 Monday 18th Numeracy Red and Blue Class 3.docxDownload
 Monday 18th Science Blue Group Class 3.docxDownload
 Monday 18th Science Green and Orange Class 3.docxDownload
 Monday 18th Science Red Group Class 3.docxDownload
 Numeracy All groups - choose your picture Class 3.pdfDownload
 Numeracy help sheet 2-D shape Class 3.docxDownload
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Friday 15 January

We we are having a few technical issues so some online learning will be on as soon as possible.

Don't forget 

It's Friday so when you get chance get outside and enjoy yourselves or get some baking done, a fantastic piece of artwork, just remember anything you get up to send me a picture. 

 Friday 15th Literacy Colour Thesaurus Learning Chunk 2 Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 3's Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 11's Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 2s 5s and 10s Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 3 & 6 Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 4's Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 6' s Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times table 7's Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times tables 2's and 4's Class 3.docxDownload
 Friday 15th Times tables 3s and 4s Class 3.docxDownload
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 Thursday 14th Numeracy Warm Up Class 3.docxDownload
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Wednesday 13 January

Here is the science from Monday as the website went down not everyone had chance to see it or finish it.

 Wednesday 13th Numeracy Warm Up Class 3.docxDownload
 Wednesday 13th Science Class 3.docxDownload
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 Among us work.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 12 January

 Tuesday 12th Numeracy Warm Up Class 3.docxDownload
 Tuesday 12th Topic worksheet ALL children Class 3.docxDownload
 Tuesday 12th Topic worksheets 1A 1B 1C Class 3.pdfDownload
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Monday 11 January 

Monday 11 January

 a Covid Class 3
 Monday 11th handwriting sheet Class 3.docDownload
 Monday 11th Science Class 3.docxDownload
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Friday 8 Jan

Friday worksheets

Thursday 7 Jan

Wednesday 6 Jan

Wednesday 6 January

 a Covid Class 3
 Topic eceryone Wednesday 6th continents wordsearch.docxDownload
 Topic Orange and Green Wednesday 6th.docxDownload
 Topic Red and Blue Wednesday 6th.docxDownload
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Thursday 7 January 

 Blue and Red Country Capitals and Continents.docDownload
 Orange and Green Country Capitals and Continents.docDownload
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