Silkstone Common Junior And Infant School

Class 4


 Mr J Massey

 Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Littlewood


Class 4 – Year 4 and 5 children

Class 4 is a happy and enthusiastic class, where children are encouraged to increasingly take on more responsibility for their own learning. This is achieved through the children’s full engagement of tasks, discussion and feedback with each other, as well as with staff. Through this approach, children understand clearly what their next step is towards even greater success. In our class, there is an ethos of ‘finding out’ and so developing the inquiring mind that all effective learners have. The children are helped by Mr Massey, their teacher and Mrs Littlewood, their teaching assistant.

This term, the children have continued to enjoy the creative curriculum approach that we bring to lessons. They have been learning all about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, producing step-frame animations in IT and thinking about how climate change and sustainable living are priorities for the future.

There is a ‘buzzing’ as you come into Class 4, where the children are encouraged to aim high, being shown that ‘when they believe, they can achieve’…..a motto that sums up the ethos to 'reach for the stars'.