Silkstone Common Junior And Infant School

Assessment & Reports


How does the school assess my child?

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. Its main purposes are:

  • Formative - helps to decide what a pupil needs to learn next
  • Diagnostic - helps us identify specific weaknesses and strengths
  • Summative - sums up a child's progress so far, in order to inform everyone concerned

Children will be assessed continually throughout their time at Silkstone Common School. SATs (Standard Achievement Tests) are taken by the children at the end of KS1 and KS2

Do we get a report about our child's progress at school?

You will receive a written report on your child's progress once a year. Parents will also have the opportunity to talk informally with their child's class teacher on the two open days that are held each year or at the half termly surgeries. Parents may view their son's/daughter's record by arrangement.


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