Silkstone Common Junior And Infant School

Our Approach to Children's Behavior

How do you expect the children to behave in school? 

No school community can work efficiently and harmoniously without guide-lines. On the other hand it is neither desirable nor possible to make regulations about every aspect of school life and every situation that may arise. We expect a high standard of sensible, responsible and considerate behaviour from all the children. Our most recent Ofsted Report said “Pupils very good behaviour and attitudes to school enable teachers to concentrate all their efforts on teaching and pupils learning”.

We have a small number of school rules, which include:

  • No running within the school building.
  • No sweets to be eaten in school. This does not include chocolate biscuits eaten as part of a packed lunch.
  • No child should leave the school premises during school hours unless by arrangement between the parent/guardian and the Headteacher.
  • Children are not allowed on school premises out of school hours unless supervised by a member of staff.

Are children punished?

Punishments administered include verbal reprimands, withdrawal of privileges etc.


The school has an effective anti-bullying policy. Please contact the Headteacher if bullying becomes a concern to you.